Cemetery Board

CEMETERY BOARD ANNUAL MEETING - Letter from Fr. Mano and the Cemetery Board 

The St. Patrick Cemetery Board recently held an annual meeting in early October. As you might be aware, one of the responsibilities of the owner of a cemetery is to plan for future development and ensure perpetual care of the burial sites. Sale of burial rights is the source of income for a cemetery. State regulations require a portion of each sale of burial rights be deposited into a Perpetual Care fund, the principal of which provides interest income for the operating and maintenance of the cemetery. Burial rights sales have been steady over the past ten years. Our current price of burial rights in St. Patrick’s Cemetery has been the same for five years, while other local cemeteries have been raising their purchase price; we now have the lowest price. However, maintenance costs continue to rise. The Board’s future vision includes development of new sections of the cemetery, road and fence building, and building up the principal of the Perpetual Care Fund. To achieve these goals, the Cemetery Board determined that the price of burial rights should be increased effective Jan. 1, 2013. The current price is $375 for one standard grave (burial rights) and $200 for a cremation grave. If you have considered advanced planning, and you are able to purchase your burial rights for St. Patrick’s Cemetery before the end of 2012, please visit the rectory to conduct your purchase. If you have further questions, please call the rectory at 269-2655.

Cemetery Board Members
Tom Arendt
Mark Goodman
Pete Steinhoff
Mark Wienkes
Ron Williams