The RCIA Program - is The Rite of Christian Initiation Program.  This program will get you started if you are interested in becoming a Catholic member.  If you are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith, we invite you to contact Fr. Patric at the Rectory (269-2655).


Inquiry and It's Rite - During the first stage in the faith journey, inquirers begin to form relationships with one another and with their catechists.  Sessions are informal, with life stories shared and curiosities about "things Catholic" answered.  When a decision to continue in the process is made, inquirers obtain sponsors or Godparents to mentor them along the way.  Then, the Rite of Acceptance Into the Order of Catechumens is celebrated within the community'e Sunday Mass.

Catechumenate and It's Rites - With Rite of Acceptance, those who have not been baptized officially become catechumens, while those who are baptized become candidates.  Now they learn specifics about the Catholic faith, especially the sacraments.  Sessions become more instructional, with an emphasis on breaking open the Word of God in the Sunday readings.  Several optional rites may be celebrated during this period which precedes the Season of Lent.